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Monday, February 26, 2007

well the time has come.

there is no need for me to announce to the world of my deepest thoughts, but i do see a need for me to set a full stop to certain matters to mark where i have finished that particular chapter of the storybook. there were some old unpublished articles since i last checked , which i am still contemplating whether or not to just post it out. but let's just see .

so here's to the new year and the new me, well ,do come back for the new post.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

maybe?well somethings i just know and i will continue to believe.until the day that i canot.

first i thought i was worth alot,
then i thought i'd secured a spot,
i was just a dark ink blot,
that you wouldnt wanna carry forth.

have you ever felt ,that at time, the whole world could judge you and it doesnt bother you at all whatever the whole world thinks about you,not anyone, except for just this person alone .
in fact, u know that you can just snap out of it and not let anything at all affect you, yet you just wont. cos you care to know what you mean to this person.whether or not you are good enough. not only for yourself. but this other person as well...or more primarily. cos you love this person. and you know you will love her for the rest of your life.

anyways. like i always say, when your spring bag is being "kiap " bothsides, what can u do? smile. and live on with it. when it's not your call, just be the best you can be so that at anygiven moment you are ready to embrace the better future when it comes.

Friday, August 11, 2006


as he turns the key to kill the dubbing engine of his car, he turns the knob to kill the music playing on the radio as well, leaving behind echoes of the songs inseparable from the thoughts that had sparked ,along his journey home...

just smile. i cant write anymore.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

never will i wanna control again.the sun will shine on us again.

come what may.
memories remain as memories.
turning the clock's handle will not turn back time,
nor can it change a person's mind.

matters were never that complicated,
it is we who entangle the veins,
it stops the blood from flowing to the heart.
disrupting the blood flow to our brains.

a comma, full stop, or a whole new chapter,
it doesnt really come to matter.
whether or not we are together,
we wish the best for each other.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

imagining the beach.

Ripples wake from the ship's base,
the wind pulls a grin on my face;
I see, before me, beauty in god's grace;
I see beyond this,my happy days.

Wind blows across my weary face,
I anticipate the salty taste,
for the horizon ends in this blissful place,
the land in front will be embraced.

Waves lap onto the shore, dazed,
I rush into the sea, i do not wait.
for it will hug me like how you braved,
for i will be reminded, the love we made.

The sun gleams right through my shades,
I crap in the morning a well made shit;
the sun shines, burns and bakes,
I toast myself like a garlic bread.

Waves bring joy and memories,
of you and I how blissfully;
I wish you'd enjoy your precious trip,
gurl, miss me? if u do, miss me.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Aku teringat

aku teringat.

dalam kepekatan mimpiku,
aku teringat wajah mu,

kau kata kau rindu.
kau kata kau pilu.
kau katakan kau perlu ku.

ku tetap bisu
ku tetap rindu
ku tetap memeluk mu

sedarkah ku itu dalam mimpi ku.
andainya kau ada di sisi ku.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

past tense.

farewell. things come to an end. we have no idea of the future.but for now, this is where it should stop.and i bid adieu to the past. for everything that happened in my life,it happened for a reason. i choose to learn to be better after every fall.i hope the same for you too. i sincerely hope that honesty,consciousness,honor and righteousness will steer you to lead your life to the next stage, and that you will one day realise what you have learnt from this relationship, to be useful and real.

friends, it is for no one to blame and to be blamed in this incident, for nothing is absolute, nothing is constant. i thank everyone for being a friend. and hope that we move on as usual. i have done all i can and i shall walk away with pride, gratitude and without regrets.

thank you for letting me love you. sharing with me one part of your life.
and if at any one time you feel that you need a person to talk to, i will help the best i can.
with love.han

just remember, no one can help you if you dont help yourself. leave this samsara, every dilemma has its solution. trust me.